2006 Ford Escape Questions

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i have checked fuses and switch
How do you repair the Rack and Pinion steering gear on a 1996 Ford Explorer 8 cyl. It is very difficult to turn the wheel at a very low speed when trying to park?
my Ac stopped working and they had to replace the fuse with higher amps than what was in before
The "door ajar" light, dome light, and horn alarm are going off even when the doors are all closed? In reading about the issue, I found info about the actuator, and thought this could be the problem.
When I turn my key over nothing happens. There is no noise, it doesn't even try to start. The battery is new. For the past few months before it died the open door light and the dome lights would come on while I was driving. I was can't lock my car because the alarm will go off. The only way I can get it to start is if I hold the battery wires together for 10 secs and then hook them back up. Please help.
I'm having problems with my car alcelerating again after I come to a complete stop. But none of my lights are on, on my dashboard..Last night I notice my car speedometer stop working for a while and starting back then went out again.
I replace Spark Plug two coil put still it code or a misfire clear error code keep back try move coil to different cylinder put misfire is still check all connect point , wire remove pcm open it up one or block has plastic like there exploring do I need to replace pcm .
significant jostling.
I just bought my car and noticed a knocking sound when turning steering wheel either way but mostly when I turn left. The man I bought it from said he just fixed the brake line. Could this have anything to do with the problem?
no gas gauge, odometer, speedometer, nothing
The clutch drive plate assembly broke apart. I removed this by taking a the nut and removing the bearing inside the pulley along with the cover plate
Replaced alternator about 3yrs ago and battery, could this be the same problem and why?
Battery light came on. The next day my vehicle turned off completely. Had to get a jump to make it home. Dash board was going haywire. Alarm went off a few times
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