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also what would be wrong if the cruise control, if you can set it then shuts itself off
I get in my car and when I brake for the first couple of times it seems my ABS brakes are on. It has that pumping feeling. The ABS light is on and stays on. After a times of braking, the pumping feeling is gone and it feels like normal braking. Whats happening?
w/ the loud bang
I am looking to buy a car for my daughter in college. We have limited funds. I found this car and will have to tow it to be repaired.
Need to know what the cost of the total car might be, after repairs.
Mine has been going off and on for over a year. I've had it "fixed" twice, but now they want to replace the whole sensor. The car seems to run fine and I've noticed no change in gas usage.
One mechanic told me the car could "die" on me if it goes out all together. Is that true?
alarm keeps randomly going off door ajar intermittenly going on along with dome light
Brake pedal going down very low to floor, no loss of brake fluid, no leakage of fluid can be seen in ground
its almost like its chokeing,not geting the air intake it needs.
Broke for a deer now the brake pedal goes to the floor and I put in 2 pints of brake fluid.
Hello, I have an issue with my car, I have a shutter at highway speeds, specifically 60 mph. This started after I had a 180 degree spin out at 70 mph. My car hit the curb on the passenger side and I'm pretty sure that both pass anger side tires hit at about the same time. I slid up over the curb and off the highway. I have had this shutter since then and I am trying to figure out what it is. I would prefer to self diagnose and fix since it will be far cheaper unless I don't have the tools. Thanks in advance.
Pass couple weeks, the throttle playe area was cleaned wasn't crack& installed new air filter. Then the car felt like it has a misfiring with a soft popping noise in the throttle body area. The check engine light began flashing, could this be the throttle control sensor? Can severe cold weather affect this? Is this a expensive repair? Feb 15 6:30 pm pennsylvania just started with this problem
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