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How do I fix a broken gas pedal I'm pulled over and I want to know will I make it home and it's to the floor and how do I get it fixed Mazda tribute
Check engine light on. Codes for all four o2 sensors and evap purge control valve. Replaced all with factory parts and reset codes with tool from pep boys. Light is still on and same 5 codes are coming up. Ran the car 70 miles and tested again. Same codes are showing
The rear passenger door keeps reading that it is open and triggers the car alarm.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Maybe due to temperature changes
How long have you had this problem? A few months
Used fuel injector cleaner and changed fuel filter. Ran very good. Now its running rough even while at full speed. It acts likes its not getting gas or needs a tune up which I have done.
can a 3.0 v-6 engine be used to replace a 2.3L 4 cylinder engine? If yes do I also replace the drive shaft and front wheel assemblies?
The brakes seem to be working fine.
Driving and just died. Won't start but sounds like it will, won't turn over.
machine said to replace ignition coil A but not sure which one that is
That is ALL of the detail! At how many miles should brake fluid be replaced?
Check Engine light came on. Had it checked at Auto Parts and came back with 5 repair codes.
Where do we start
There has been some intermittent hesitation when starting, and sometimes starting the engine will result in the trip odometer being reset to 0. this morning it turned over slowly, and now there is a chattering noise, all dash warning lights flickering, and engine not turning over. Battery checks out at 12.5 volts. starter? starter solenoid?
I checked fuse, OK. Bought new wiper motor, it doesn't work either. New wiring harness, still doesn't work. What next? I did have a door ajar light on, but crossed 2 wires in rear passenger door to fix. This cant be the problem can it?
it shutters like a miss fire
car runs fine, ac doesn't work, cruise doesn't engage. I checked all fuses and connections on engine. Where do I look next?
Replaced the starter n alltinater tried a different battery not still not
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