2004 Ford Escape Questions

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Fixed vacuum leak car won't stay running
where or what are the next things i should look for to find to repair?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? all fluids are full
How long have you had this problem? about a week
I have a 2004 Ford escape 3.0 and recently replaced all gaskets, valve covers and intake manifold, plus all spark plugs. The vehicle ran fine prior to that but after all of the above it ran rough. I checked the spark plugs and found cilinder number 4 was not firing. I did not check numbers 1,2, and 3 as I would have to remove the intake again. I also noticed that the elbow attached to the intake was collapsed and cracked so I replaced that and not sure how it ran fine prior to that. It was dusk by the time I finished and noticed the catalitic converter was glowing red hot. Is this because of the unburnt fuel and what could be the causes?
When idling cold it runs fine but as soon as the engine warms up it stalls. We have replaced alot of parts that it was telling us was bad but still not fixing it.
We have replaced MAF sensor, plugs, intake gasket, valve cover gasket, bank 1 sensor 2 O2 sensor, air filter, fuel filter and Throttle Position Sensor, and vacuum lines.
pry glass mirror see clips but really hard do get mirror off
My 2004 won't shift out of Park unless you use the override switch
Off car. When trying to restart , clicking, and all lights on dash flash -randomly, not at same time. Headlights and interior lights ok.
When I press on the accelerator pedal past a certain point, the air flow still blows by sound but doesn't blow out vents. Then when I take my foot off gas pedal the air comes through the vents.
Sometimes it will come on flashing and stay on solid and sometimes it will flash then turn off. And sometimes it won't even come on. I was told it cld be the air bag or it cld be something with the seatbelt? Any idea
I am in the beginning process of removing & replacing my alternator on my 2004 ford escape. I have to detach some electrical connectors but i can't seem to figure out how to on some of them. Then i get frustrated and they end breaking and i don't need that as my work is going to be most difficult as is. HELP!!!
had to jump start this morning. not a problem. then later i was idling, it sputtered and died. No power. can't even roll up window. Instrument panel air bag light came on and emissions of course came on. Battery? Alternator? Help!!!
On many long drives in hot weather when I have stopped briefly and turned off the engine, it will not start up again for about 30 minutes. Has happened many times but dealer cannot find a problem and has no idea what the problem is even though it has happened over several years.
I asked if they would be able anything else that might be going wrong with my vehicleon the way down. Replied all looked good. I'm taking that my engine might be in good shape. He said dismantling the truck that much he wouldve noticed something wrong. Is that correct? Truck runs great now.
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