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My car coolant started overheating and smoke started coming out from the hood, it seem to be jerking a little when it’s driven
a local technician check it 2 years ago, he requested to change the Ignition Coil, i bought a new Coil twice, it didnt correct the problem. he requested a Cam and Crank sensor and TPS, i bought right away but again it didnt correct the problem still no spark is going out. after that he requested a new ECM soo i bought a new ECM but when the new ECM is installed still there's no spark going out. now my car is two years stock on garage. please help me, what coud be the causes of this no spark problem?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? its worse
How long have you had this problem? 2 years
Accidentally put diesel in tank
Does it have something to do with
Idle senor as well
I can hear the transmission shift to reverse when i pull it in gear and shift to neutral when pulled to neutral but when it shift to drive the car does nothing and is powerless as isnit is still in neutral gear. Please help
My Escape runs poorly after it rains (lack of power and misses). I've taken it to my mechanic and no codes come up on the scanner. It is only running on 2 converters. It doesn't happen every time. If we put the car in the garage to dry it out it's fine but as soon as it gets moisture from rain or snow it starts all over again. It just had a complete tune up about a month ago. Any ideas?
For some time, it was taking longer and longer for the headlamps to turn on automatically. Now they won't turn on at all, even by switching the function on and off at the rear view mirror. I must manually turn lights on with the headlamp switch at the steering column. Is there a bad light sensor somewhere, like in the rear view mirror, that I can replace? Occurs all the time.
The car makes the 5 beeps in a row abt 5 times them just stops & is fine. I have my seatbelt on so it can't be that, any idea what it is? Is it something I need to worry abt?
2003 ford escape, automatic. Has no check engine light on at all. Skips or misfires in drive & reverse but in Park its like it hesitates. Have changed the fuel filter, and vacuum lines. Have put fuel injector cleaner in. Have ran all the gas out & got new from another gas station. Have checked the first 3 coils, but haven't checked the others yet. Any ideas on what this problem could be? It's really racking my brain.
2003 escape 300.000 plus miles. Keeps running hot. Replaced water pump. Thermastat. Flushed the system. New oil, new anti freeze. New radiator. Please help.what could it be?
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