2002 Ford Escape Questions

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My car has locked me out of it when I leave it running and the door shuts
The check engine light is on, but not blinking. It also has a hard start at times. The code that read says catalytic converter and also a misfire on bank 2 where they're saying is the number 4 plug. At first when I start it and pull away after sitting all day at work for example it makes like a rattling noise underneath. I had one mechanic tell me it doesn't sound like either of the two problems that the code reader is giving me. Can anyone help me?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Better when on the gas driving, shift great and all
How long have you had this problem? One month.
I've had 2 people look at this and they can't find the reason. I have to unhook the negative battery cable to get the key out. When it's in park the little circle around the "P" disappears.
The beeping sounds like a door is open.
when starting the car the ignition light and the fuel cap light light on permanently, the suv runs well, so far.
Hello I have a 02 escape same problem with all these questions about when it rains it runs like crap I have changed all coils fuel rail injectors plugs and harness for plugs and injector all vacuum lines etc checked for broke wires in pcm harness can't find the problem please someone help me it's real bad under load
My son hit the ditch with it and there was lots of snow. Immediately after it started running bad. Took to a shop and they replaced the MAFS and an O2 sensor, spent 8 hours on it and couldn't figure it out and gave up. Took to a ford dealer and they said the MAFS, so I took it home and did tests myself and sensor seems good, but bought one anyway and not the issue. I got a used PCM and had it programmed and still not the issue. Some of the ignition coils were cracked, replaced them all and the spark plugs. When disconnect MAFS you can drive it but very sluggish and can just reach high way speeds if flat. There is strong fuel smell from the exhaust.
Could the exhaust system ie the catalytic converter be blocked when alternator quit, making the fuel in the exhaust not get burned by the engines poor spark and the fuel rich gas got burned inside the converter. Car misses at 4 rpms and sounds louder now.
Car runs fine otherwise. Just started having the problem today when I accelerated to 4,000 rpm coming up the hill to my house.
Motor has dropped dramicaly and transmission went in gear fine until
Car still running but wouldn't allow me to shift gear back to this a major problem
I had 3 installed but the mechanic tells me there is a fourth needed
all the time
was driving home and after stopping for a red light, i pressed the gas and my engine rev'd up and my rpm's spike up. the vehicles in drive not neutral..... maybe my transmission is bad?
EGR valve has been replaced 4 times. The ck eng lite comes back on after a few hrs of driving. Why? 2 of the valves have had holes blown in the cast iron part, what would cause this?
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