2001 Ford Escape Questions

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The engine light stays on and when placed on the diagnostic scanner, the code P1506 comes up.

This started just recently. I felt it during low speeds, 30 to 40 mph, then I began to notice it at higher speeds, like up around 70 mph.

It's been doing this more frequently now. Last year, it only happened during cold weather, now it happens even when it's warm. The engine stalls easily and I have to restart it.

Is it possible to replace only the rear wiper motor, or is it necessary to replace the whole window (with wiper/motor/etc.) assembly as a unit? Is glass breakage common when doing this? Cost of used parts? Thanks--Rotide

the rear window wiper just stop working and when driving you can hear a click click, the fuse under dashboard was checked and was ok, can not find out why it just you think the motor went out??

While driving the truck the radio started cutting in and out and then when i turned the corner the car stalled. I rolled it into a gas station and it was jumped and i drove home. I was told I need to replace the alternator. Is this true?

the assembly getswter in it and it's all foged up

automatic gear shift on steering column stuck in neutral will not change gears. tried forcing steering wheel right and left. but it is stuck. my escape has 205,000 miles on it and has been great. at 160k I had to change transmission but other than that no major repairs.

I looked up this code, it said that there is an idle air control under speed error. The car stalls when under 2000 rpm, but seems fine above that.

when i apply the brakes it feels like its tappin back at my foot

Need to get driverside front axle off and need to know how to get clip to release

Had ac charged, was full with 143a ,no leaks, at a stop is cold,but whin you take off it starts getting warmer.

a/c only blows cold for a day after adding coolant, then blows hot every time i add coolant

placed the spare tire on backwards. striped screws. have to replace the screws that hold the tire. service tomorrow. at mr tire auto service center.

How can I get into the car or under the hood? Battery dead, doors won't open