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Ever so often escape will not start. when jumped off it starts right up. something is draining the battery but so far cannot find what. battery and alternator have been replaced but still have problem. was taken to ford place and they couldnt find anything wrong
Car will turn over but will not continue running, unless I keep my foot on the gas.
My car will turn over, but will not idle. If I keep my foot on the gas, it is fine. Just will not idle
This just happen all of a sudden. the a loud thumping and squeaking noise just came from engine causing it to turn off and i notice the oil light flickering and the coolant light turn on. oil and coolant levels are fine. i don't know much about engines so i would like kind of an idea before i have to see the shop.
changing alternator
When going up hill my car slows down and makes a lot of noise. If I try to accelerate, it will only make the engine make more noise and won't accelerate. I'm driving a longs distance and afraid it will give up. The over drive light has been flashing. My dad has been driving in over drive all the way from LA to Wyoming and don't know if that has an effect on car functioning. I dont know much about cars and I hope someone can advise. Any advice?
My SUV has been hesitating a little lately. It only happens when I am going about 45mph uphill. If I take my foot off the gas for a second, I can get it to stop. It does not happen at any other time. Ideas?
My 2001 Escape has rarely given me any trouble. It has just under 90,000 miles on it. I had the 100,000 mile tune up done early, (this is end of Dec, tuneup end of Sept 2010). All oil changes etc done on time. The last 2 long distance trips I have made, I have smelled a strong burning smell..and I think I smelled sulfer. There was no smoke, no guages came on, no problems with driving, no change in gas mileage. The smell was strongest when the front passenger side door was opened, you could just barely smell it from the other side and it did not come inside the cabin. I have watched for leaks on the driveway but there are none. I should also mention the car was in South Florida for the last 5 years, and we recently moved to a place where the temperatures have dropped below freezing. This started after it got so cold outside. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. It is sitting in the driveway because I am afraid to drive it, and don't have a clue as to what to have checked for repairs. Could someone please give me an idea where to start?
got in car yesterday. It started and gear shift moved but car won't move. What could the problem be. Just had rebuilt engine put in a few months ago, but this is not related to that. Please help.
how do you bleed the clutch if there is air in the master cylinder
idols ruff and when in gear pressing the accelerator it wont
accelerate but the engine will rev up. i changed the mass air flow sensor and the egr valve but neither has helped.
the battery light seems to come on after driving the vechile for a while with heat on.
For the past 5 years or so, the light for the brake used to come on about every 6 months and I had to add fluid to the master cylinder. All this time, no one every found a leak and I am avid about scheduled maintenance for my Escape SUV. Finally a leak was detected when I went for an oil change and tire rotation. They said the master cylinder is leaking and should be replaced. Is it possible all this time it was leaking? Could it possible be something else? There was no code. They visually found it. The brake light always came on when it was time to fill it. About 1/2-3/4 can a year. Does the complete Master Cylinder have to be replaced or could it possible be something else, since the code never came up when diagnosed? What would a Ford dealership charge?
My escape starts putting when going up hills and sometimes just driving staight. Could this be a cylinder or just need a tuneup?

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