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got in car yesterday. It started and gear shift moved but car won't move. What could the problem be. Just had rebuilt engine put in a few months ago, but this is not related to that. Please help.

how do you bleed the clutch if there is air in the master cylinder

idols ruff and when in gear pressing the accelerator it wont
accelerate but the engine will rev up. i changed the mass air flow sensor and the egr valve but neither has helped.

the battery light seems to come on after driving the vechile for a while with heat on.

For the past 5 years or so, the light for the brake used to come on about every 6 months and I had to add fluid to the master cylinder. All this time, no one every found a leak and I am avid about scheduled maintenance for my Escape SUV. Finally a leak was detected when I went for an oil change and tire rotation. They said the master cylinder is leaking and should be replaced. Is it possible all this time it was leaking? Could it possible be something else? There was no code. They visually found it. The brake light always came on when it was time to fill it. About 1/2-3/4 can a year. Does the complete Master Cylinder have to be replaced or could it possible be something else, since the code never came up when diagnosed? What would a Ford dealership charge?

My escape starts putting when going up hills and sometimes just driving staight. Could this be a cylinder or just need a tuneup?


My alarm will not stop going off.I can start it up,un lock the doors,take off battery cable.put it in drive.

when starting and shifting in to drive gear stuck in reverse and the lever is in the lock position and wont move how do i fix this?

How to replace a fuel tank pressure sensor

my truck is leaking antifreeze, but i cant figure out from where. there are remnants of antifreeze by the belt and on the water pump bolts. water pump was replaced last year in august. where else could the antifreeze be leaking from? hoses were not leaking as far as i could see

oil light comes on only when it is a hot day and goes off while i am driving.also the oil level is fine.

I took off the trans pan and see no filter. so where is it

My AC doesn't get cold yet appears to be full of Freon or 134a whichever. I just blows and gets warm.

egr valve blows a hole , makes loud noise and slows care down to 45 miles and hour, every time care is turned on and wont go over 40 to 45 miles an hour. we have replaced egr valve twice.