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Only time this has happened
Brand new exhaust muffler system put in at shop..front to back.. From manifold down...egr blew twice...don't no if its a clogged cat considering its brand new exhaust system.. What would cuz this
Power steering but belt not wet or greasy I think it something else
Hi guys I'm trying really hard to figure out what's wrong with my car ive had it parked for about a month now and haven't been able to get it up and running..okay here's my issue my Car currently has electricity ex: windows locks lights ac and radio. The lights on the dash are all on and my odo reads ----- when the ignition is off it reads my current milage which is 155299 i had a friend connect a computer to read what codes would come out but he said it read error no ecu but I had just replaced it and also replaced my starter motor,battery,fuses,coils,spark plugs, ignition key,etc the only thing I haven't changed is the wiring car doesn't make any clicking noises at all.I don't hear anything when I try and start it up..I haven't been able to find what the problem is.if anyone has delt with this type of problem please let me know!
A/C blows cold when engine ideling but when on the road traveling turns to very warm or hot, tested the pressure and says full, by the way it's one of those that come with a can help !!
had it towed it does not respond to moving shifter....why? no warning signs- don't see anything hanging like linkage ect.....
Over past two years I've had coil 6 replaced 3 times. Lots of similar stories. But replacing it has not worked. Something else must be going wrong, but no one knows what. Anyone have more details?
My throttle hung wide open was able to get it. In neutral n the e brake on was wondering if it would be covered under the recall
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