2001 Ford Escape Questions

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had it towed it does not respond to moving shifter....why? no warning signs- don't see anything hanging like linkage ect.....

Over past two years I've had coil 6 replaced 3 times. Lots of similar stories. But replacing it has not worked. Something else must be going wrong, but no one knows what. Anyone have more details?

My throttle hung wide open was able to get it. In neutral n the e brake on was wondering if it would be covered under the recall

Rear window wiper no working

It shuts off when I push the clutch in and letting off the throttle. Starts right back up when I go to start it. It may not do it again for a few times or it may do it consistently. Do not lose any electronics or anything.

wont start no power inside of car nothing the whole car is dead if someone knows anything please let me know

My exhaust was leaking suddenly it got louder and the car started runnig badly with a very strong sulfer smell.

I noticed some recalls date back to 2007 which was prior to me owning the car. Some issues described could be the problems I am currently having. How long do I have to go back and have work done from a recall notice?

Sometimes my Escape (252,000 mi.) will not Idle when the weather is warm/hot. It will start and die unless I keep my foot on the accelerator. I drove it 25 miles home from work, 80 degree day, stopped by grocery store for a few minutes. It started fine, but when I drove 2 miles to the gas station and fueled up it would not stay idling, unless I put my foot on the gas. Any ideas? Thank you.