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Door lock is jamed
start truck runs fine...turn off hard to start and when does run bad then levels out and temperature gauge goes all the way up ,after few minutes drops back down...then up and fuel pump installed...2001 ford escape 4 wheel drive ..3.0
sits over nite starts and runs..turn off wont start back
Every time I need to lock the hatch with the key. The other doors all lock just fine.
I found a new Ford dealer who wants $1800 to fix the master cylinder, clutch, and transmission. Is it worth doing really? The car is a 2001 and in fair condition. Thank you.
The light is ALWAYS on!
I have a 2001 Ford Escape XLT model with 4WD and the 5 speed manual transmission. Shifting in and out of gears is very easy in all gears but in third it just pops back out of gear, for the most part I can just hold it in third when I need it, sometimes it does catch while holding it in and kicks out. Could this be a clutch issue or am I looking more at a transmission issue? thank you for any reply!
Hi my name is Clarence Henderson I'm from baton rouge la I having problems with my get I have recently replaced it and a few days later comes back with the same problem can someone please tell me what's going on with my truck O1 Ford Escape
engine 3.0... 4 wheel drive...
I recently replaced air conditioner compressor . After that my car began to run differently. I have now replaced coils on each plug and still have a misfire. Could the a/c compressor or a/c wiring have anything to do with misfire?
Only time this has happened
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