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My wife's 2001 Ford Escape randomly beeps the horn by itself (long beep and very loud) when she is driving. Whether it's a long drive or short drive, once she goes to shut the car off. The car is still running with the key in the off position and even if the key is out. She is still able to drive the car with the key out or in the off position.

There is no pattern to this issue or nothing she is doing prior to it happening. It's quite random. Please let me know what you think might be the issue.

Thank you for your help.
Code B1676 is showing when coded. The ABS control module is bad. I would like to know where it is located on my 2001 Ford Escape and how I can replace it.
My brake pedal was going to the floor, bled the brakes, replaced pads, rotors and all fuil lines and also master cylinder, and now brake booster but the new ones pedal rod is too short and brake light stays on. Anything suggestions on how to fix?
Replaced the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, clutch kit and flywheel Put truck on interstate now truck popping out of gear.
Cruise control not working, can not find a fuse in fuse box labeled for,cruise. Do you have any suggestions as why it does not work. Thanks
this all started yesterday, I had just left my house then 10 mins later I look down and temp gauge was in the red. I pulled over and popped the hood but the motor didn't seem hot and the coolant was full. I let it sit for about 15 mins and got home as fast as I could, the gauge was registering hot, so i pull over, check engine again and it still didn't seem hot. so i let it sit for a bit longer then i had to get it home, i had my kids in the car and we were only about 1.5 mi from home, so i got there as fast as i could, i came to the last stop light before my house and noticed a lot of white smoke coming from the hood, finally got it home, popped the hood and there was coolant everywhere!!! it had 170k miles on it when I bought it and I'm not sure if the serpentine belt had ever been changed. i guess my question is, " since the serpantean belt broke, what are the chances that the water pump and thermostat are shot to?"
What seems to make the problem better or worse? this happened suddenly, i havent driven it since
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
I am on my fourth alternator I like to track but this is ridiculous
I start my Escape and not very loud just barely hear it. When I push the brake no sound at all. However, when I release the brake holy smoke the thing whines like unbelievable. Loud higher pitch sound. Push down on the brake and it's gone again. Release the brake and yep loud. When I turn the car off and do it again the same thing all over.

This doesn't matter if I have my belt on or off it reacts the same way.
I truly hope you have some ideas I am totally lost.
Getting 12.4 at battery when started getting 12.67
charged system up
Coolant Reservoir and Thermostat have been replaced. Still overheats and will not start for hours after shutdown.
The auto shop said everything looks good. Pads, rotors, fluid level, master all working fine. ABS light is off but when it comes on then the brakes work fine.
It sounds like a rod is knocking but it sounds like it is coming from the back valve cover
Automatic transmission slips gears and rolls a little when put in park
When advance auto parts hooked my car up to computer it gave a Bank 1 & Bank 2 Lean and I'm not sure what it keeps skipping and has no power
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