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I just replaced the radiator fan two weeks ago. It ran perfectly. No issues. Than yesterday my car started to overheat again. Today I changed out the thermostat. And still the same. I have a 2013 ford edge selling. With the v6 3.5 engine.

I ordered a new coolant temp sensor today and will arrive this after noon. But I cannot for the life of me find were it is on the motor?
Drivers side blows hot air no cold air and passenger blows cold air
I just replaced a bad PTU in my 2013 Ford Edge less than a year ago and now I am being told that the rear differential is all torn up, they are telling me there is metal in the fluids and that the bearings are making noise.
A/C was working last night Along with outside temperature. Today nuthing works.
car can not be turned on and still have headlights and interior lights come on for several minutes before turning themselves off. this sometimes happens several times in 1 day
The new transmission had 9000 miles on it from a salvage 2012 edge. The transmission did not have any physical damage at all. I brought it to my local ford dealer to make the switched and ask if that was the right transmission which they said it was. After they put the transmission on the vehicle they could not program the module to the right ratio so they made me buy a new module. But after that it was still doing having the same problem. They said that the new transmission was not electronically compatible with the vehicle. I have never heard of a similar case before. Can this be? Can a transmission be really a fit in the car but not compatible electronically?
it wont let me control the climate setting
Window would not go back up. Could hear a motor in window. After several minutes of driving window went up
And there it is staying! Also window locks do. It seem to be working.
I have a P0306 code what would it cost to fix?
I was on the highway and felt the engine misfire and the check engine light came on.

Out of the blue my air conditioner will just stop. It will not blow any air and nothing on the touch screen will make it start. It will begin to work on it own a little while later. This can happen while it is on or I can start the car and it will not be working but will start working a little while later. The dealership can not figure it out. They do not get any error codes from the air conditioner. My backup camera has also started having problems. When the backup camera is working it will show the picture upside down. Sometimes it will not show any picture at all. Could these two problems be caused by the touch screen itself?
Does the 2013 Ford Edge have an illuminated glove box? Never had lights in box at night.
Sitting at light- car alarmed shift to park. Heat came unable to turn off. No lights would work including hazard. Then unable to shift car out of Park Car would not shut off even with key removed. Had to disconnect fuel fuse and battery to shut car off
Hearing nothing blower working
The coming from the drivers side is hot while that of the passengers side is cold
the lights are quite bright and horn working very well. keyless entry. There is powerin the dashboard
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