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The check engine light is on, when I step on the gas I feel the engine sputters and I loose power. The light is on now and I need to drop of to the shop this week. Not sure what's up with it?
second time occurrence, backed out of a parking spot on to main road. engine just shut off and wouldn't restart for approx. 10 seconds. It has the push button ignition.
The transmission feels like it slips and suddenly catches the gear and it's a big clunk. Sometimes I get a couple clunks as it switches between gears. The longer trip I make, and as I go up hills the worse it gets...
My 2013 ford edge is blowing hot air from the drivers side and the passenger side is blowing cold. I have dual temp controls that are digital. The passenger side works fine but drivers won't change no matter what sett...
When we turn on the AC, heat comes out of one side and AC the other. Any idea of how to fix?
The problems occurs like four times a day. And it started after they changed the break pads.
I left my abusive husband and I have 2 small children with me (we're on the road travelling) I'd like to know if he can track me using the GPS and Sync with his iPhone and if so, what can i do to disable this. Step b...