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climate control button comes on by itself & has a clicking noise. Cannot turn button off when this happens. This has happened while using air conditioner mode

it worked fine one day and not the next

AC blows cold one side, other side blows really hot air

A/C works fine, blower works on heater is on, but does not blow hot air.

Side rubber accordion seals come off their track when you open / close the roof.

Automatic climate control set at 73. Suddenly drops to lowest temperature and all a/c lights come on.

the calendar is set one day later than the actual date

2nd problem- door ajar light keeps coming on and bell sounding off with the - shift into park indicator light? My vehicle ha over 55000 miles and it recently stated doing this, please advise how to fix this because it's obviously a fault in Ford side.

U turn it on and it's doesn't blow out air or heat
U can hear it trying to engage but doesn't run
Any solutions

I'm having problems with my Ford Edge 2013 and I have just changed the cartelise and the car doesn't move as it's suppose to, and it make a sound when I put the gear shift to D or R

not blowing hot air at all when turn on!

I have 60,000 miles on the Edge. Air conditioner is working fine. I literally turned on the heat today when I noticed it would only blow out cold air.

With heat turned on high, passenger side blows warm while driver's side, rear, and vent blow cool air. what could this be?

How much is hvac to repair

Drivers door always says ajar

started just all of a sudden while driving,
would disconnecting the battery and resetting the computer resolve the problem?