How much is hvac to repair

Drivers door always says ajar

started just all of a sudden while driving,
would disconnecting the battery and resetting the computer resolve the problem?

I feel this could wear out the condenser or fan more quickly if always starting out on high.

tried restarting but that did not help

What is possibly causing these problems and how can I resolve/fix it?

does the tire pressure alert go away as soon as the tire is at factory settings? 35 PSI in the front and rear. alert was on when I got an oil change and it was on when I left. I asked about it and was told that Ford models need to be driven for about a mile before it goes away. it's still on. planning on going back tomorrow because they are closed. Just looking for clarification. thanks in advance

When I turn the tempature control knob, it only blows cold air. The door that allows heat to enter is not opening. The heater core is working because the lines ar hot inside the glove box.

down. When you push auto it will go full speed then I can lower it with the button but not make it go faster.

Was working great until after stopping for gas in the middle of a 150 mile trip. I am out of town for business and don't know if it could be a fuse or something more.
Had AC compressor replaced just last August!