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When I turned on my car today and turned the air conditioner on the driver side blew very hot air and the passenger side blew cold air
AC randomly pops on. When you cut it off sometimes it comes right back on.
Vibration on passenger side
Happens about 4-5 times within a hour time
The air is blowing hot on the passenger side in the rear of the car also. only the driver side is blowing cold air
My Edge has keyless entry and start. Sometimes when I get in the car and start it up, a warning comes on saying "No Key Detected." The car starts, but why does it tell me this?
When I am driving on the highway I turn off the Brake Assist setting and Collision Warning because I don't like it. However, I notice when I drive above 55mph, the car will randomly brake, even with no other cars around. It will slam on the brakes, and it will even send a warning message saying, "Collision Warning Not Available." Why is it doing this? And what can be done?
Change the battery and now the air conditioning want come on
AC first started blowing hot on pass side and cool on dr sd. then switched and blew hot on dr and cool pass now no display or AC started doing this 2 weels ago we reset AC, by turning off ignition in n and started back up and put in pk and reved engine and then stopped and it worked correctly for one day. now nothing
I recently just bought a 2012 Ford Edge. It has the dual climate controls. I went to turn the air on high and only the passenger side air vents got hot, While the driver side stayed cool. Does anyone know what this could be or anything I can check to fix the problem?
why this problem in my ford 2012 ford edge keep occurs all the time ? the drive door alarm don't want to go off and my door ajar stay on
Plastic shroud, stone guard, weather guard is hanging down and looks really cheap! I want to replace it, but do not know what the part description is or the part number.
My 2012 Ford Edge is having issues with
Door ajar stays on-- all doors are closed
Interior light stays on have to disconnect the battery everytime I'm parked
And AC started blowing hot air out of the driver vent and now both sides throw out hot air!! So aggravated
I have seen so many other complaints about the same thing
Are there any recalls on anything I've listed above?
Sounds like an elk bugling.
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