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I had my 2011 Ford Edge Limited sit a while and I tried the code on the door to find out it’s dead. My fob is inside the vehicle and out of options.
I was thinking of locating the starter to hook up a battery charger but I can’t locate the starter. I was also thinking of hooking on to the alternator but also found it difficult from underneath the car.
Any ideas ???
My headlight will work fine on dim, but you can not get them to change to bright. I have check th fuses and they apper to be fine
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing chandes it
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
I have a gauge manifold hooked up. The low side presure is 110 psi and the high pressure is 75psi. i had to bypass the relay to get the compressor to engage and when the compressor engaged the pressures didn't change.
The auto door latch also does not work.
Drove my car the night before the next day all accessory lights come on accessories come on but it doesn't turn over I'm stumped
It's never done this before. Just started today.
My ford edge del 2011 key won't lock or unlock my doors. I thought it was my key battery I changed it and nothing. I got my extra and the same thing it don't work.
This problem doesn't happen every time but when it does you continuously have to reset the dual air control on the passenger side to low.
It sounds like a canning lid pop.....or paint can lid....tinney
Does anyone know why the brake booster issue was handled as a Customer Satisfaction Program, rather than a recall?
i hear a sloshing sound when making turns
It's still working to unlock but not working to lock.????
have bled master cylinder on bench ,installed it and still no pedal after bleeding wheels
Set the seat memory by using the dash buttons (1 & 2) and using the remote door control. works for a couple of weeks and then reverts to some previous code.
All of a sudden the Edge 2011 - shows a sign ALL W/D OFF and then shows a tool sign and the car jitters and comes to a stop. No matter what speed you are going . It is very scaring , if someone is closely following you.
Is there a solution for this or is there a recall for such a big flow in the transmission ?
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