2011 Ford Edge Questions

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This problem doesn't happen every time but when it does you continuously have to reset the dual air control on the passenger side to low.

It sounds like a canning lid pop.....or paint can lid....tinney

Does anyone know why the brake booster issue was handled as a Customer Satisfaction Program, rather than a recall?

i hear a sloshing sound when making turns

It's still working to unlock but not working to lock.????

have bled master cylinder on bench ,installed it and still no pedal after bleeding wheels

Set the seat memory by using the dash buttons (1 & 2) and using the remote door control. works for a couple of weeks and then reverts to some previous code.

All of a sudden the Edge 2011 - shows a sign ALL W/D OFF and then shows a tool sign and the car jitters and comes to a stop. No matter what speed you are going . It is very scaring , if someone is closely following you.
Is there a solution for this or is there a recall for such a big flow in the transmission ?

Car wouldn't start. Battery is good. Just was about go out to the store and it wouldn't start. And the monitor showed starting system failure.

The sunroof will open but will not close, we have been told it is the tracks. If we can get the parts will my husband be able to fix it himself? Where can we get the parts?

My edge sport was loosing break powrr occasionally. Almost rear ended a car twice. Normally stop car with toe pressure. Today it was full on leg power. Never locked up wheels. The dealer said it was free repair. Car almost five years old. Over 65000 miles.

I changed the battery in my 2011 Ford Edge, went through the re-learn sequence, and now AdvanceTrac "on" and "off" symbols both stay on - in set-up it is set to "on" and will not change to "off." Also there is a wrench symbol that will not go off. The A/C worked fine until about 200

Only way to turn them off is to disconnect the car battery. Now I am told that a part has to be ordered and they do not have. The dealer has had my car since Friday 8th and the part is still not here. without this "plate" there is no air, lights, radio. What can I do.

The car drives well but at intervals it will stop accelerating while the engine will still be running but it just wouldn't move with the check engine spanner coming on and then keeps jerking. Then if I turn off the engine and Waite for a while, then start it again, the car moves normal until the next interval ranging from 2 minutes to 2 hours or even 1 full day. Please how do I fix this. Thank you.

light shows door is open on dash but the door is closed passenger side rear