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When driving at higher speed air will blow cold
The ac blows cold but on max feels like a well working ac on maybe half blast at best.
I have had my Edge about two years now and replaced my starter twice. The previous owner had installed a starter button. After the second starter everything was fine until one day I put gas in and started the car, it started hesitating almost like a hose was off. The air suddenly stopped cooling. After a few minutes it cools again then stops again. I took in for service and was told my starter coil is causing my AC to not work. What can I do to fix this problem. On the verge of trading it in.
The part alone is $154 at O'reilly's. I'm having to drive my vehicle with an extremely hard brake pedal until I can get up enough funds to fix it. Parts and labor quote at a local shop was $600. This is only one of the few problems that I am dealing with. My Ford edge is having all kinds of problems.
I just had front brakes and oil changed at the same time
The lighting just quit last Wednesday. All of the colors are working except in the front passenger area.
I was told I need a sensor valve for emission in gas line, never has problem until after recent oil change...could cheap gas be the problem. No problem with car otherwise, drives great and only 34600 cost $275 for just checking it and another $600 for replacement part.
Husband said he thought he seen some water on dipstick but wasn't sure
Bought new battery thought that would solve problem, but something slowly drains my battery after about two or three weeks and my car wont start, I charged battery up and it starts again for two or three weeks this has been doing this for about three months , when Ford checked on one them machines on battery terminal said alternator, battery, starter says ok, since it doesn't do it all the time, they said we don't know what it is
had replaced two batteries, thought I was getting bad batteries, but then after last battery, wouldn't start again, at dealer, auto zone, advance auto, tested out good battery , alternator , starter, about after three weeks. whats funny all the lights goes on seat goes back but when I turn the key over engine won't fire up

I noticed a ticking noise coming from around the bottom rear of the motor.You can hear it good behind the right front tire.Any ideas.Noise is not loud just annoying.Any need for concern?
My 2010 Ford Edge wont start occasionally (no sound, no clicking, almost like battery is 100% dead), but if I slam my door (and occasionally have to check other doors that have not been slammed closed) it will then start with a bit of hesitation. When it does restart lights have been dimmed, radio stations turns to AM static etc like the battery died. Battery is new within the year. Electrical/Fuse/Connection issue?
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