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I need to pull the hub off my front tire assembly which direction does the nut turn left or right for removal
My car was tested and said i needed to replace my cooling fan so i had them replace it but it is still overheating
I was told that I have to replace the entire drive shaft however its only the center bearing that is bad so I wanted to know if the entire thing needs replaced or just the bearing?
during the summer i noticed while running the air conditioning was on it would make a weird noise when make a turn (left turn) while driving then all the sudden it just stop working all together nothing coming out. then i tired the heater the other day and it doesn't blow either. so im thinking fan but im not sure???
i was dropped off this morning for work and let my mom keep my truck. it was driving fine this morning. it was jerking a little but its been doing that for weeks now. My mom called me at my job and informed me that both the steering wheel and ignition are not turning and she has been trying for almost an hour to wiggle the steering wheel and key .
The screen by the ac where you turn it on. It's also underneath the radio in the middle. How do I fix it? Please help. My ac works its just my screen I can see anything anymore.
Replaced a evaporator and put everything back together and turned key and all sounds and lights work,just won't start
It jerks while driving
Cannot open power rear lift gate, rear blinker light out and cannot replace without opening lift gate., Makes noise like it's trying to open but will not release. Tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting but still did not work.
when you go to start the car it wont turn over it only clicks once.
My air will come on, but it will not cool.
When I shift to reverse it notices the change go to drive and nothing just acts like it is in neutral.
When I start car it says calculating on dashboard screen
ive replaced the thermostat and the fan andi worked great for 6 months then after a oil change it started overheating again and thefan wasnt kicking on and when i added waterin the coolent it started to not overheat but that only lasted a few days now my car wont start and the battery isnt dead cause the lights come on but wont run people say its the moter but i need to know if i need a whole new engine
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