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My vehicle has 130000 miles on it. I replaced all the plugs and coils. It still feels like it misses. I get no service codes. Could this be transmission or is this normal for the Edge? It happens in slow traffic but w...
I have a VERY well maintained 2007 Edge (AWD) but have recently started smelling something burning. The vehicle also feels very heavy in the back end; almost like I'm towing something. I've not seen any kind of link, ...
Have others had this problem. Is it related to the gas tank rust problem that caused a recall? Body shops say it needs a quarterpanel replaced
replace the cables on the battery
I stopped my vehicle at a red light, and when I pushed the gas to go, the car felt like it was in neutral-my speedometer stopped working, the wrench light and airbag light came on, and it make a huge thumping sound li...
ac compresser not engaging correct not low with freon