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We've tried freon twice. The first time it worked for about a couple days but hasn't worked since. The passenger side always blows good & cold and the back vents does off and on but the driver side is always warm and barely blows at all.

Looking to buy a Ford Edge SEL with the 3.5L engine. The owner says it's a code relevant to the camshaft or crankshaft sensor. He recommends replacing the timing chain belt and sensors and water pump. Any good advice on this situation or prices would be helpful

What can I do to unlock it so I can start it

I give moderate to normal pressure to the gas pedal to accelerate and it revs up 2000 rpms just to shift to the next gear

It want Stop blowing .take key out and it want stop

I can feel heat when I turn on hot air but nothing blows

I notice a service engine sign blinking on my dash board and I use a code scanner which showed code (P0446),I met a dealer which fixed the canister purge valve with new one but after the second day, the sign was still showing with the code (P0446).
please what do you suggest will be the problem, after I have changed the purge valve with new.?

ac is blowing hot on one side and cool on the other side

i have changed out the brake booster ,both front abs sensors.have done a complete brake job on both a code for hyd. brake sw.circuit malfunction so i put a used abs module/valve assembly on.checked all the wiring and checked the wheel bearings.short of replacing the ecm i don't know what else to do.talked to ford and they didn't know abs light is on or any other warning lights

I have replaced my catylitic converter all the spark plugs had a melted coil on primary a code reads out secondary system was miss diagnosed twice spent almost $2000 on it already trying to fix the problem replaced saved myself $1000 by doing the upper intake gasket myself and replacing the coil and plugs only to find out that the violent shake is actually due to pcm or ecm unit which has cause the number 1 coil to (melt) the faulty unit may catch car on fire burn all 6 coils and leave you stranded but enough ppl haven't actually reported the problem correct and some have not even gotten this far to solve it due to the code that was popping up of P0351 was miss diagnosed and solution was found through process of elimination this being said it's an awful amount of $ to be putting into a car with only 100,000 miles on it and is not due to wear and tear

Tires are inflated properly, but noise gets louder as speed increases.

Both catylitic converters we're replaced if you pat the gas it will not shake in motion until car rpm drops down to around 1 and a half rpm

The air conditioning in my 2007 Ford Edge has stopped blowing cold air period.

My cruise control jerked a couple times so I turned it off. The next time I tried to use it several days later it would set. So I left it alone. Later on way home I tried again. This time the indicator light didnt light up or work.

It will not change gears so i have to avoid steap hills.