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The unit quit running after we put 10 gallons of gas in the unit it started was the unit out of fuel the gauge works.
tr any rebuilt at 100000. now has 40000. when reverse started the sliping
code po730 set. also codes po102,po135,po141,po155,po443,po573.
code po730 set. also codes po102,po135,po141,po155,po443,po573.
Actually I have an E450 SuperDuty Cutaway Chassis for a C Class motorhome. Have complained to Ford about poor engine performance and fuel economy. Ford told me I was still breaking in the vehicle. Ford fixed the air intake after I notified them of the service bulletin, but it still lacks power going up hills and in high altitude 1,000' and above. Plus on flat land it only gets 6 mpg! Transmission "clanks" when shifting into and out of park. Ford told me it was because of my long drive shaft. Oh please, it's a 24' chassis! I am a former Cadillac Parts Manager and a woman, YIKES! Please advise.
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