2006 Ford E-350 Questions

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Engine rolls over and starts but does not stay running. Happened for the first time 2 days ago. Vehicle not operating.
Engine dies when idling when driven for awhile then hard to restart. Will restart after it sits and cools.
new engine was put in, ever since the front heat doesn't work. it has 2 rear heaters and they work great. this is a transit bus.
does the dash have to be removed
The illumination lights do work. Directional lights work. Highbeam indicator works.
Checked fuses & relays ok.
My key tumbler was changed year and a half ago for key stuck, last month the switch and tumbler was changed because key again. And a month later Mechanic changed the key because of key getting stuck again. I have to move things around to get the key out still.A month ago the radio and panel lights were coming on without the key too..And where the mileage is kept saying check gauges..ding ding ding.. after the tumbler getting changed again the lights have stopped ..But I also moved the steering wheel tilt from all the way up to partially down.. Hoping it would stop the lights and radio from coming on. I notice the key in ignition when door open does not beep. My mechanic says I need a new steering column.. Is this true. Or is it something else.. I just want my key to turn and come out of the ignition normal..I really need some help with troubleshooting this please help..Is changing the steering column going to help my problem?
I have also just replaced both belts from the duel alternator and just had the oil changed so what up with my truck
At first the van died, was able to jump start it to drive it home. Let it run for an hour to charge up. When I turned it off wouldn't start again and couldn't jumpstart it again.
Problem is always present. No apparent corrosion of ground wiring. Rear running lights work fine. Brake controller for electric brakes is working.
when turn key on all the clusters max then read , the temp goes below C
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