2005 Ford E-350 Questions

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we replaced the pads on our e-350 and immediately had problems with the brakes being extremely soft. can't stop quickly at all. breaks were bled and now the shop is telling me $3000 for the brake control? any one have an idea
When I shift to drive the unit jerks slightly then takes off normal this is not all the time. It has 13k miles on it.
changed relays trans position switch checked fuse box for short
My mechanic says it's a commom problem for the 6.0's. and is most likely a pin hole in the head.
the oil pressure no work
A/C stopped working (fans is working but there is no cool air). Any suggestions on what to check first?
cruise control is not engaging, is there a fuse ? Or what could be the problem
We are in consideration to buy used E-350 Van or repair our old van. It was used for delivery service. the repairs are as follows: front hood repair and paint, right headlight replace, repair paint bumper, repair and paint right front panel relpalce right door, install 2 right side doors right side tail light andpanel lower end of van (right), mirror right left side front door slight indent and whole body paint.
how much to install detroit trutrac limited slip rear aftermarket diff. how many hours to install. Thanks Brian
Just bought a 2005 Ford E-350 extended wagon, with 60k km. Been driving it for no more than 3 months. It's been parked for about 2 weeks. Went to start it the other day. It ran for a few minutes, I put it in reverse to back it up and it suddenly stalled. Wouldn't start. Tried boosting it, nothing. Called the garage. He checked the battery, the starter, etc.. The engine would not start. Is completely ceased. Can't even crank it manually. Believes it to be an internal malfunction/failure. How can this be? On a practically brand new van?
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