2004 Ford E-350 Questions

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The engine will not start. All the dashboard lights light. Nothing from starter. All other electrical items work, but when the key is turned to start...nothing. I have tried to force the shifter higher into park and have tried to start while in neutral with my foot on the brake. No noise and nothing from the starter.
My truck Pops out of Park and proceeds to roll down driveway.
almost like motor would not build over 2500 rpms pulled over left truck running walked around got back in was fine run 65 mph most of time before and after
I checked IPR screen its clean and in good shape. Removed ICP and installed gauge 0 pressure! removed gauge no oil period!
Removed hpop ball bearing still in its place, pump feels ok ??? Air checked some leakage can be heard in fill tube. how much leakage can there be if any? Do hpop jujst fail w/o warning. Come to think of it, the last time It started it did take 2 trys to start.
what is being overlooked
open up transmission all clutches are ok
cutaway chassis/bus
where can i get the drive cycle procedure for evap/cat readiness?
rear tire locked up when initially starting and putting van in drive had to put it in reverse to unlock and haven't had it happen again. Driving down the road re brake light goes on and off sporadically.
engine runs fine, alarm came on and oil pressure was 0, alarm off normal pressure, jumps back and forth
I need to know how to locate and remove FICM
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