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Can hear blower motors working at different speeds but no air moving at vents
184,000 miles, 7.3 l super duty, vibrates over 50, mech says tail shaft barely in transmission, what caused this possibly?
My rear AC lines leak. I would like to close off the rear system and use only the front AC system. Can I do this and if so how?
Manifold gaskets are shot and I know the bolts are rusted out on the manifold. Just wondering what I'd be looking at to do a total replace job.
car cut off on hywy, battery & svc engine lights came on, couldn't jump had towed to sears. oil very low, almost dry, will motor need to be replaced? If so how much?
the heating valve needs to be replaced, and i cant find it in the van
My E350 Super duty has a secondary non-starting battery I use to run a 12vdc to 120vac generator. I just replaced the secondary battery w/ a new one of the recommended size and the battery does not seem to be getting a charge from the alternator. Are there any basic tests I can do under the hood since the battery is an SOB to drop from the frame to test ?
My E350 Ford Van 2002 gasoline engine recently developed problem with transmission failure. Automatic Gear selection is not functioning well.
I recently noticed that i have problem with my truck not able to select gears automatically. Or I have transmission failure unable to select gears.
My email is

Rear air dosnt work
my overdrive button will not light up and does not work. fuses are all good. no power to switch or harness where shifter wire connects to harness. that would have been the lucky or easy way to quick fix. Transmission works fine otherwise just cant engage tow/haul button. no flashing light.
when I turn the key there is a click sound
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