2001 Ford E-350 Questions

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This problem occurred as I am driving, for long distances then all of a sudden the oil just starts to heats up. I have changed the oil 3 months ago.
First and third gear OK. Check engine light came on first then a few miles later the Auto Shift started flashing. If I stop and turn off the engine for a few minutes upon restarting the auto shift light does not blink again until a few miles down the road while the check engine light remains illuminated.
Just started 30 min ago as I backed into my drive
My son's E350 Ford Van had a transmission problem. The van would shift if he manually placed it in first, 2nd, then over drive however when he put it in D it would not shift out of first gear. A transmission shop told him his trans was bad so he got a used transmission from a scrap yard and swapped it out. The newly installed transmission will not shift out of first gear and will not allow him to manually shift either. The OD light has been flashing since the first transmission. The transmissions are 4R100E's. Is it possible the first transmission was OK and what could the problem be???
When I'm starting off or going forward the vehicle has resistant and a clicking sound in the rear ... Clicking stops when I don't give it gas
the unmber of the fan belt my 7.3l diesel turbo engine use
It is the 7.3 liter v-8
fitted , now every month or so the slave sylinder seel pops and no clutch again but pedal stay up , so today it happened again put the new slave on started bleeding and now its pissing out the bleed nipple ivvvvv haddd ittt :(could any one help please thanks :)TRANSIT MK 6 2001
Can the blower motor be replaced without disconnecting air conditioning line? It looks like the battery box will need to be removed also. Is this true?
At 40 miles an pre hour the truck runs bad when it gets to 45 it runs fine
water pours out from above starter motor
Our fan just stopped blowing today, without any unusual noises. There is still heat coming through, and the back blower still works.
what is the flat rate hours on r&r motor
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