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I was driving and lost power as if I let off the gas for a second them it drive normal, this happened a few times before I got home and it died costing in. Now it won't fire. I replaced the fuel filter and pump but still won't start even with starter fluid.
how do the floor latches work?
I'm replacing the timing cover gasket,and after I removed the harmonic balancer,there is a part that I can't figure how to take it off,it's blocking the timing cover from coming off,it sits on the Franck,between the timing cover and harmonic balancer,thanks in advance.
pressing enter no longer engages the system; tried several times
Driving home slammed brakes on heard A pop now I have this problem changed wires distributor,plugs etc: still have the same prob??
I have replaced my spark plugs, wires dist cap, dist pickup coil, coil map sensor tps, vss and more but the van starts to missfire within i t0 2 miles after i start it up cold & from then on. Nothing seems to fix it. Then i decided to disconnect the vss and it runs beautiful, no misses. the problem is that my speedometer & abs quit working & the tranny doesn't shift proper ! but i can go up hills. Is it my abs control module ? The vss wires trace back to the module.Oh and it has been put on the diagnostic machine and it says there are no problems...go figure !
rear anti lock light on and spongy brakes
rear wheel cylinder was leaking
replaced rear passenger wheel cylinder.
bleed brakes
still problem
Now engine won't start. Can't hear fuel pump click on either
first time it occoured no problem going home with out the boat
When the key is out of ignition I still have dash indicator lights on. I've been told its the starter; the park/neutral ignition switch; the starter relay... this video is exactly what the vehicle does now
Replacing everything is what mechanics want - I want to fix it right the first time. Help please.
Back lines are corroded and don't want to replace
All of our other lights work. Tail lights - headlights and turn signals all work. What could be wrong with the hazard and brake lights?
then reves up in sperts starts shuttering then dies
the computer shows mass sensor not working engine runs rough stalls out this is a 5.8 ltr vans can be hard to work on nothing is in same place as the truck
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