1993 Ford E-350 Questions

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At 50 mph without any load such as aircon the engine does not overheat. Increasing the speed above 55 mph I can drive for about 15 miles by which time the engine starts overheating. No noise of a slipping fan belt. Could the aircon belts be worn?
how do i change the intake temperature sensor
Check engine light on after transmission swap. Mechanic says he broke an o2 sensor replacing the exhaust but Didn't say which one or where.

I want to inspect before bringing it back.

1993 Ford E350 7.3L V8 PowerStroke Ambulance. I purchased it for a work vehicle and noticed immediately that it didn't have an air filter. The air intake is currently covered by a wire mess put on by the previous owner. I've been looking for replacement parts but haven't been locating anything.
its about 2 inch by 2 inches its mounted and wired to pedal. the other day i noticed a lil black electric box on floor .. truck was same. i after losing the brakes looked at pedal and noticed there was two lil copper contacts with a what appears to be the missing peice.. which is missing ..{Please help me out. thanks a bunch
I have a 1993 Ford E350 and I am having troubletrying to fix code 12 in the ABS, no brake light on only ABS light. Grounded Test terminal and light on Dash Flashed code 12 the break fluid is full.
I have a 1993 Ford E350 and I am having trouble trying to fix code 12 in the ABS system.Can some give me the steps how to get the ABS light out?
Whats causing the volt meter/power to surge only when the emergency lights are turned on and the AC. is running?

thanks for all your help
i just replaced the starter, and have installed two new cable post pos. and neg. but still have the same problem. oh... all the fuse's are good... please help.....
My brakes are dragging on my 1993 ford Econoline van e350. I have changed the master cylinder, front calipers and the brake hoses.front brakes are holding. Does anybody know why?
I have a 1993 Ford e350 Ambulance with a 7.3 Diesel tourbo Powerstroke.There is an electrical component located to the back of the high-pressure oil system reservois,it is small box with four pins to plug into harnest.What is the name of that part and the part number?
Am considering changing the fuel filler tube but not sure that will resolve. Trouble code shows P0443 & P0449
I purchased 2 920 cranking amps batteries and when I tumble the motor it seems to tumble slow
Passenger side head
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