1992 Ford E-350 Questions

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There are a fuse box in the cab which I found. Looking for the one ine engine compartment, Class C Motorhome
thrying to level motorhome spent 45 minutes going forward and backward onto blocks. noticed transmission fluid leaking from front of transmission. shut it off and next morning started it back up to see where leak was and it didn't leak lost maybe half a quart. we did notice the rubber cap on the bottom of transmission was partly off.
Please help! 1992 E350 w/5.8L, 160k miles. 4 weeks into this mysterious No Start problem now. :-(
Unable to have it towed anywhere because of remote location.

Update to where I'm at with the engine:
Electrical: New Ignition Coil, Distributor (PIP), Cap, Rotor, Wires, Plugs, ICM, Ignition Switch, PCM Relay and Fuel Pump Relay
Fuel: New Fuel Pump, Filter, Fuel Pressure Regulator
Sensors replaced: ICM, IAC, MAP
Checked: Fuel Inertia Switch, Fuel Pressure @ 40psi, Fresh gasoline, No air restriction that I can see, all hoses connected, sprayed carb cleaner in Throttle neck.

Currently, it is now in a No Start condition. In the first 3 weeks the engine would start for 6-10 sec then die. Now, it *almost* catches at WOT but will not not start at all, even with Starting Fluid (Ether).

Reset codes by disconnecting the battery for 10 min. Still generating only Codes 55 and 56 the last 4 weeks in KOEO mode since the engine will not start, much less Idle.

Any 5.8L/351windsor gurus out there?
Looking through Manual I don't find the capacity. I want to change the oil & filter
always start but when you drive and press gas it will die out but always restart. Could this be caused by bad fuel injector.
am looking for a diagram for the engine to see where everything is at a picture or some sort a repair manual iam having problems with a rough idle and dieing when at complete stop please help 92 ford e350 van super
THe van is very old only but always starts. After my son left the key on the battery went dead. We jumped it, changed out a battery terminal that was bad. Thought maybe it was the starter and put in a used one, only clicking no start. It also before this would shut down on the freeway like someone turned off the key. very anoying. Then it would always start. Now, only clicks.
Looking for location of ABS mod on this vehicle. It is a bus with the E350 cab w/duals, Thanks for any info!
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