1990 Ford E-350 Questions

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1989 Ford E350
runs great at highway speeds reluctant to idle lots of black smoke, used to get 12+ mpg
i give it gas after i have gone around corner it takes about 2,000 RPM's before it gets going and catches gear. what can i do to stop the driveline from slipping?
its a double tank club wagon automatic transmission.
can i ever get better gas mileage
changed fuel filter,fuel added misery oil to fuel,rebuilt holly four barrel 650 cfm,has secondary fuel pump on rail for starting only with toggle on dash,runs super strong in park. i am in the middle of changing the plugs, wires and distributor ,cap,rotor.will let you know if that solves anything just looking for suggestions this is the last thin g i can think of!! btw only has 25,000 original miles on it original 1987 wires on plugs,lol.been sitting for five years with no use
My van grinds when I start it then make a rattleing noise when I take off
unable to locate fuel filter attached to carburetor
we replaced the module but that didnt help
no headlights,dashlights,wont even turn over
engine was cranking, voltage shows 14 plus volts, then it faded to nothing - smell of plastic, now no crank
i have a 1990 motor home and have wiring issues to fuel system
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