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is there a switch control to operate heat or AC for the back
I have had a master brake cylinder replaced due to the brakes going to the floor on the first push. If you pushed again they would act normal. My brakes now are becoming mushy. Also my cruise control will shut off every once in a while going staight, no bumps in the road, and you have to push the crusie on button to retart the crusie control. Also the air bag front seat comes on and stays on for no certian amount of time than goes away.
Paid 56k for a new king ranch. It leaks around the oil pan. New plug installed last month, just bought the only available new pan myself under warranty, because 30 on recall at one location in Dallas Ft Worth parts manager tells me. This is a new F 250 Ford Diesal leak at the oil pan and now 30 on back order? Hello Engineers I think you have two problems. No 3 problems. First, the oil leak, second, the 3 clerks at customer service blaming me like I hit something, and third the same oil pan part number is gonna do the same thing. Why else is their 30 on back order? You have not done your jobs, on the 6.7 new Ford diseal trucks. Buyers Beware!!! Ford has a corrupt Service department also that likes to overfill new trucks to have work in the shop to make Ford warranties a reality for their pocketbooks. I know I watched it be done to one of my past diseal trucks which cost Ford 3500.00 to fix under warranty and nearly again in another overfill at another dealership. Buyers beware!!!
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