2008 Ford E-250 Questions

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Truck was running good. Bled lines could not get fuel pressure up. Changed HPFP and low pressure. Truck still won't start.
Pulled truck to change oil and fuel filters. I did get air into lines but we have since bled. Could not get fuel pressure up. Replaced low and high pressure pumps. Now we can't get truck to start. My Machanic is ford certified. We can only get 270-300 psi on computer. Any suggestions ?
Number 5 is misfiring
The problem just started it happens on all blower speeds and all functions AC or heat
The problem occurs when I run over bumps.
whats the difference between air conditioner and cooling systemhoses&clamps? to me they are the same and you are trying to make it sound like i am getting more service
I hit a deer in my new/used 2008 F50 5.4 engine. I only had the truck for two weeks so I'm not familiar with it yet. The transmission oil cooler coil which I thought was the a/c coil was damaged and leaking but the truck ran fine. I made it home driving only 30 mphs. I later was told this was in fact my transmission oil cooler. I have to take the truck to the body shop and want to drive it but don't want to damage the tranny. My question is does the oil cooler only kick in when the transmission heats up or does it operate all the time during normal driving and should I have it towed. Thank you
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