2006 Ford E-250 Questions

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again.when speed increases the air will flow to defrost vents.After awhile air willcome the front vents again.Does this with increase or decrease of speed and on its own.
all the 7Spark plugs are working, but No ! is not
my red check battery light is on and sum times flickering took out alternator and had it tested and it was ok 13.8 volts , I put it back in and the light was not on turned the van off and restarted it and the light came back on. any takers on this problem thks dave
orileys gave code
the side door on left wont open
I'm having high engine oil consumption but I don't have any leaks at all ?
We got a new Stainless Steel tank for Aero Tanks
Was easy to install myself, just thought everyone should know. It cost a bit but I will not have to worry about it any longer.
when driving air switches from vent to defrost
I have a heating problem. my van will heat while park at high idler. While driving heat fades and cool.especially when very cold.
It is a cargo van
Replaced master cylinder with a brand new one and bled everything out real good. pedal is better but still creeps slowly to the floor. no leaks anywhere, is it a bad new master cylinder or is there somewhere else that system can leak internally and not be noticed?
I drive down the road and the van is all over can't keep it straight at all and a lot of play in steering wheel.
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