2001 Ford E-250 Questions

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My truck starts shaking once in awhile I lose power my engine light comes on. In order to stop it I have to stop and turn off my truck and turn it back on and continue on. It comes and goes

are these the options:
1>new insert without removing head but "gluing"
2. new insert removing head for better access and fix
3> replace the head
4 replace the engine

I put gas additive in it and used supreme gas. It was ok until now, March! Only happens once in a while. The ford dealers said I had a 1000 dollar repair of a fuel pump and that there was no way to tell if it was the problem a head of time!..Ouch

Van runs for about 30 to 45 mins. Before overheating..sometimes longer

4 wheel disc brakes, just replaced front calipers and rotors, new pads and wheel bearings. ABS light has been on for over a year, but just before replacing the front brakes the driver side brake locked up causing it to burn the pads !!!
The problem is when I start applying the brakes to stop or slow down from a speed of 35mph the brake pedal pulsates ,now if i'm attempting to slow down or stop from a speed of 45-60mph the brake pedal pulsates and the steering wheel starts shaking!!!! NEED A SOLUTION !!! PLEASE ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS!!

the schematic driver side and passenger side

EGR and Catalyst said NOT READY, on the report when I went to the inspection station.

will a front bumper from a 2001 f250 fit on a 2003 f350

My 2001 E250 has 58K miles but has a pronounced rear end whine. Will changing the oil to 75W140 get rid of some of the noise? Is it dangerous to drive?