1999 Ford E-250 Questions

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I go to turn the motor on i hear this loud knocking noise which wasnt there before now im afraid it could be the timing chain or a rod bearing i had someone look at it and they said it was the cat. Converters that were bad and needed to be changed i dont agree with that theory the noise sounds to loud for that to be right. This problem happens now everytime i turn it on its so loud that i dont run the engine now.its a constant thing. Any answers to my problem hopefully i can fix it without replacing the engine
If it were a carbureted car, I would say it was poor acceleration enrichment. The engine operates normally at high speed cruise, although the acceleration is sluggish in reaching cruise. After a long traffic light idle, the idle collapses, the engine idles erratically and sometimes stalls. It willl start and run normally after a stall. I have replaced the out of spec coil pack, the TPS, spark plugs and faulty ignition wires. Although there is no code for it, I am thinking of replacing the CPS. Any suggestions?
getting the old one out of the firewall, and new one in is my concern.
Have not even found the plug wires on this. don't know anything about it. I can see the engine has in head cams because of the cam covers on each head. Alt. is in center of eng. and it is a V8 by the size of it. Runs rough I know it needs tune up. no knock or smoke.
i have a Ford E 250 99 my problem is the heat or AC and the horn does not work when I bought the truck the owner told me that if I'm running the heat or AC not to use the horn because it will blow a Fuses. so i change the switch on the heater to control the high and low and still no heat I checked all the fuses and they were good so what I'm trying to find out is why I can't used both of them the same time.
it starts back up every time just stalls when I put it in gear
heat comes out when van is moving but the fan does not work.
How much will this cost to fix?
I need to know what kind of automatic transmission fluid my van needs.
No fault codes set. Intermittantly runs rough on initial throttle opening only. I replaced the coil pack, all the vacuum hoses, ignition wire set, spark plugs, cleaned throttle body. Condition persists. I am thinking maybe a faulty ER valve or TPS, but they're not easy to get to so I'm holding off until I can get other opinions.
the engine runs great but the oil & coolant are mixing & pouring into the reserve bottle but not in the engine.
if i read 12volts between the negative cable and negative post does that mean i have a short in the system i was told it should be about 6volts
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