1990 Ford E-250 Questions

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Will it work if I drop the transfer case on the tranny with the 4x4 ?
New battery cables, new starter, new gas tank, new in-tank fuel pump, new fuel pump, new solenoid, new fuel filter, new computer, new ground wiring, no codes, new serpentine belt, new distributor. Alternator is good. Problem happens every time after about 15 miles. OBD1 codes show "no codes."
I have a 1987 Ford E250 4.9L 6 cylinder with no spark misfire. I tested for spark off the distributor cap post. No spark for cylinders 5 and 6. I adjusted timing 60 degrees forward and moved wires forward, miss moved to cylinders 1 and 3. I changed distributor and set to original timing, the miss persisted on 5 and 6. New wires, plugs, cap, rotor, two different distributors and problem persist. do you have any suggestions?
My ford van has a crack in the block due to freezing up in cold weather,The crack is on the outside only and coolant is not getting in the oil ,it still runs good The crack is behind the starter and is leaking coolant is it possible to weld or jb weld the crack for a temporary fix,until I can find another motor?
Lite comes on , then shuts off. I have replaced inline fuel filter that was rusted inside. Van continues with same symptoms so, I put Injector, gas treatment in tank. Did not help. Both gas tanks and in tank fuel pumps replaced last year. Any suggestions? Is there any way to troubleshoot steady check engine lite? Does this year van have diagnostic port?????? Any help would be appreciated.
When engine is cold, it runs okay. But when its warmed up, you step on the gas, and the engine labors badly. Also at idle, the check engine light goes on,then turns off when throttle depressed.
Engine bogs down under load when warmed up.
I failed my calif. smog test. The co% was too high. The tech suggested that it might be the smog pump. but that seems to be working. What else should I look at?
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