2003 Ford E-150 Questions

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little plastic bushings are gone worn out fell off,need the name of the part so I can locate replacement?
Van was running fine. Oil was clean. I was driving home at normal speed. Van did not smoke it just started to slow down on its own. Then it jerked three times and turned off. Now the van will not crank. The fan will turn east so I didn't know it that meant the van motor did not lock up on me or does that mean anything.
can i inter change a 1998 ford f`150

.. `f`150transmission with a 2003 ford f`150
I have had a professional check the total circuit. said pcm could be the problem. vehicle speed sensor.
off and back on it runs fine.Now its happening more frequently
ignition transformer compacitor?
where do I get the multiple pipe outlet that goes from the water pump to the heater core and the intake manifold it also has a small 1/4 in line off of the heater core side
transmission shift gears perfect,but not speed go very slow n sound like something is loss
I replaced passenger airbag, module, drivers pretensioner and now I get these two codes. B1232 and flashing 47
window fell down when rolling it up they are electric
How can you check the feron in the rear AC unit of 2003 Van. Or does the rear unit get the feron from the front unit? If I fill the front AC unit, will it make the rear unit colder?
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