2002 Ford E-150 Questions

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shows on top the fuel tank. the odor stops when the engine is at rest
Had close to a quarter tank of gas in it and I add like4or5 gallons of fresh gas.
Check engine has been on for long time but barely use van. Recently it feels like van is like misfiring, losing thrust and check engine light started to flash on & off. Please help...
It happens between 20-35 mph. It slips out of drive, sometimes, if I mess with the column shifter it goes back into drive. If I stop at a red light, the tranny goes back into drive.
My repairman has indicated that the steel brake line is no longer manufactured nor can it be found anywhere. This seems crazy to me. Are there workarounds? Is there something else that would work? Our van has been out of commission for 2 months waiting for this repair - front brake line broke.
v6 4.2 lt.changed egr vale and senser coilpack wiers plugs air filter gas filter stil runs the same.any help
changed coil wires, coil pack, plugs, air filter....problem was happening before these repairs and after the repairs had been made...happens every time I drive
replace one of the coil packs checked the spark plugs still has the problem. could there be a vacuum leak.
one os the coil packs was replace the spack plugs check its still vibrates bad
Spark plug blew out of head for the 2nd time.This time it striped the threads on the head.I tried a sparkplug repair kid where you rethread the heads and use the little black piece(cant remember the name) to screw into the head then the plug into that piece.Proublem is when i put a socket on the threader tool the socket is to big to fit down in the hole which means the threader isnt reaching the head.what do i do?
Door does not swing freely at all, tried all kinds of lube, no help.
Recently got 2002 e150 van with 5.4L v8 which stumbles at times going uphill. It hesitates at other times while accelerating or moving from stop. It even bucks on occasion until I take my foot off pedal and reapply. Happens at various speeds. No such problems while revving engine while in park. Diagnostic gave "cylinder #5 misfiring" mssg. Put in new plug and coil w/boot. Drove GREAT for 2 days then back to same old thing.
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