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The battery was dead, but when I jump started it, it started right up. I turned it off and now it won't start. It turns like it's trying to start but it won't. I sprayed starter fluid in air filter and it will start, but as soon as the starter fluid runs out it dies. I checked the inertia switch and there are no error codes. I don't know what else to try.
It dies when I take off but picks up at 40 mph or 60. And will bad censors make the manifold pipes glow red.
I replaced new battery and new alternator 2001 E 150 seemed to work for three four days, now brand new battery dead again. not getting charge. jumped battery and could watch battery drain when jumper cables removed. confirmed with volt meter getting less than twelve even when running and drops to eight before dying. Please help
Up hills seems to come on more prevelently, can I do this fix myself, new ford owner.
It turns over like it's trying, sprayed a little engine starter and that didn't work
had some smoke from the wires on the master cylinder and burnt the wires to the ABS can you please tell me why the

master cylinder got so hot to melt the wires

thank you
replaced horn relay fuse under the hood.
did not pass insp.
Van has been down for a while having problem with valve cover would like to know if anyone has worked on this type before.
please help? Auto pro gave me transmission fluid and said it would be ok. Have I damaged my clutch from using this fluid. Clutch wont work. Have tried to bleed the clutch again but still wont work.
never had this till a 2rate shop installed a new drag line at 20,000 miles... instisting l needed it, now l can't get rid of the shmmy
The car is giving me a trouble code for "Exhaust Gas Recirculation Insufficient Flow", So I put seafoam in the intake manifold vacumn hose, and in the gas. I reset the codes and drove around a bit, and the light came back on, so I ran the code reader again, and it gives me the same code. What are the possible causes, how common is each, and which component should be checked first?
how to replace AC/Heat blower control switch
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