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Doesn't happen all the time I haven't noticed a pattern I have replaced the fuel filter but I just purchased the van not too long ago has 161,000 miles on it good shape AC still works not sure what the problem is
I think it might be the fuel pump or relay
The heater core is not clogged, I flushed the radiator and installed a thermostat. The hoses to and from.the heater core still won't get hot. What could be the problem? It had heat before the repair
Service Engine Light is ON, I Clear the code and it come back. How to fix it
99 ford e150 4.2 v6 auto with od 163,000 miles was running perfect shifting fine it had 1/4 tank of gas i drove around most the day no promblems then i stopped and filled gas tank up 30 some gallons and added some stp cleaner its the stuff in a bottle like sea foam added a little to the oil and the rest in gas tank went home about an hour later i went for a drive i got around 3 miles and engine started losing power and hesitating then transmission didnt want to shift this happened at around 40-45mph so i manually down shifted and it regain power and i took off then i shut overdrive off with button and no shifting promblems finished my 7 mile trip to other property tranny fluid showed on cold when i checked it so it was low but then it cooled down took it 2miles down the road and ran perfect passing gear kicked in ran like new on the way back it lost power and van shut off battery light and oil light came on wouldnt start got it started and made the 1/4mile back to property just bought the van i noticed when i filled gas tank it had a key lock gas cap said click 3 times it diddnt click later after battery light came on put it on the charger and it was at like 30% just letting you know these 2 details thinking it could be the fuel cap or battery causing promblems thanks john
just recently my battery quit holding any charge and when i put a charger on it, it started to charge and then hour later stopped(3 weeks ago) yesterday my son tried jump starting my van with his truck and it started to take charge then stopped. Any solutions you can give would be great!!
99 ford E150 4.2 liter test said crank sensor?
what would be the simplest way for a novice mechanic to replace part.
Brakes are not always stopping the car. brakes seem to slip
fuses are good, light bulbs are good. wipers work, high beams work
Tried replacing steering pump and wheel bearings. still the same. it takes about 20-30 minutes on the road to warm up and start doing it. Any ideas?
what is the easiest way to change a fuel filter on this van
Where is the EVAP ven canister solonoid located on a 1999 Ford E150
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