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Play in it can I use motor oil in rearend til I can get rear end oil
when starting fine,starts to tick a short time after lasts about 2-3min. than stops and runs fine and norml.upper end tick slow at idle faster with sm block chevy out of adj. tried some snake oils,better for few days.sticky lifter.thank for input.
After freezing night started up easily, drove to station (10 min.), Temp. gage shot from cold to overheat just as I pulled to pump. Shut off, pumped gas, tried to start, turned over easily but no fire. Towed home, drained water and oil - no water in oil or oil in water. Removed plugs and found moisture on 3. Changed plugs & oil, tried to start - no fire again??
The steering is hard to control because the vehicle wanders from left to right. It's worse at higher speeds. I'm constantly having to correct it and it's much worse when passing a semi or in strong winds. What is causing this problem? Could it be low air pressure? Could it be damaged control arms and/or bushings? I've read about steering gearbox failure and that scares me! Any ideas? Thanks. Mo
to start with it was slipping so fluids was changed n filter there was shavings found in oil pan. now im looking 4 another transmission cheap im on SSI and thats the only way to dr and pay bills. also if u guys did fix it how much?????????? and would have to be towed.
is there anyplace online to find a video that shows how to get to the blend door I've seen lots for the F-150's but can't find anything for the vans mine is a 98 need to open the door for the winter
It started hard but would start after pumping the throttle. After it started it ran great. It kept getting harder to start.I have lights and power but it won't turn over.This may not have anything to do with my problem but my A/C quit working at the exact same time I had problems starting the van.
The first time I noticed a problem, if I pressed the On button really hard, it came on. Now it doesn't. Any chance there's a way we can fix this ourselves? (My husband is moderately handy ...)
Runs smooth, but black soot is collecting on the quarter-panel and the pipe is sooty black as well. Will a diagnostic uncover the issue? No codes at present. Given the age I thought to change out Oxy sensors for the heck of it. Rumor that could be an issue, but I'll wait on you experts. I seldom work on Fords, except my '68 250 PU.
after driving a little it gets slower and slower
new radiator water pump and thermostadt also with no thermostadt hoses have water in them but no pressure can squeeze hoses any ideas
shudder when switching into overdrive runs good other than that i have changed plugs, coil packs, no codes. also have just cut off but starts right back up, but only does it every once in awhile
I need to locate the fuse that controls the windshield wipers so that i can get them to work.. I do not have the owners manual.. Please help.. Thank you..
When I turn the key all the dash indicator lights blink on and off and the truck doesn't start. The dash lights blink and the radio goes on and off even after I stop trying to start the engine. The battery is only 1 month old. I have no clue what is wrong. Help.
What are the signs of bad motor mounts?
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