1996 Ford E-150 Questions

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Water leaks in the oil pan I think from a whole drilled in the location of the water pump stud to the engine block
This happens all the time
I would like a diagram or a good description of getting to both ends they snapped while removing the housing to the altenater I can almost see the end close to the top under hood on passenger side
My vehicle will not start,no fuel pump pressure. No power to the #7 fuse,anyone know what to do?

Engine did not over heat. But when I parked there was a hissing of coolant under the van at the driver side rear wheel area-like the classic "pop the hood radiator leak". Why at the rear and what am I looking for to repair?
Put new Egr valve Egr Volve sensor&Vac solenoid cleaned hole under Egr still light come on do u no what is next?at 22 miles light come back on with same Po 401 code all done this week also blew with air n hole
is it by the gas tank
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