1994 Ford E-150 Questions

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It jerks really bad and then looses power and dies.
My E150 losses pressure when driving about 20 minutes feels like it's blocked it takes some time to build power from idle to stop. Every 2 to 3 days I ave to refill radiator?
I changed brakes bearings (upper&lower)rotors and car is worse now... p.s. there was only front side of brake pad on passenger side tire when I initially took in for work... i got van checked 4 different times each mechanical agreed it was bearing but so not true it's been changed 4 times now can someone please help
For the whole abs system on a 94 Ford E 150 conversation with tow system
drove fine,next morning wont start.tested coil,ignition control module,replaced cap,rotor,replaced and gapped spark plugs,getting gas,pulled rear plug and grounded to make sure its sparking,made sure rotor is turning when u hit the key.Im stumped,dealer said it does not have a crank position sensor,if it does i cant find anyone who sells it incl local ford dealer,help !!!
Runs great, 129,000 miles. I want to travel with it. Is this a big problem as long as I add oil? Is there a fix?
we replaced the coil twice,sparkplugs,rotary bug and cap. Was running great, turned it off now wont start again
A mechanic replaced the worm screws or drive just as they were. However, I just bought it so I'm not sure they were correct to begin with. The bed tries to move into a sofa but seems to get stuck before the middle can rise. No rubbish present.
when they cool off its like nothing wrong till they get hot agan also the brake light will come on
turns over fine. engine will not hit at all.
Steering wheel lock
I can't see where it is leaking exacly when I put fluid in it pours out as fast as it goes in
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