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The tensioner has been installed. Where can I get a video showing how to install the serpentine belt.
Can't figure out which fuse works sofa was working let daughter use it now it's no working any help would be appreciated thz
Sofa bed not working don't know where fuse is located any help would b appreciated
were is the transmission modulator value located on a 1993 ford e150 van it is not on the right side of the transmission
heater fuse

no heater.
Van sat for some years then was driven ok then died pepboys checked fuel pumps found fuses blowing tried new ecm or pcm still blowing fuses plesse help if possible
Van has front and rear heat. Need to replace all of the hoses. Parts store says it takes 5/8 and 3/4 inch hoses.Need to know how long each one is (does one go to the back and the other from back to front?)Also, I can't remember the name of it, but it's the metal tubing that is part of the hose. Do you know what it is called and if possible what size is it? Dealer doesn't carry this part anymore, and I need to make one ( or two). Thanks
van running fine , I changed valve covers, now will not start AT ALL. I've replaced coil, ICM, Starter solenoid/relay. Still nothing I am with out a vehicle for last 3 days ready to go NUTS.... HELPPPPPP
I replace the distributor and did a tuneup when it first started doing it six months ago,the tack also stopped working. The problem is back and now it is also cutting out while driving, almost like turning the key off and back on again. The engine light is off and on and sometimes seems like it runs better when the light is on. I have recently replaced the idle air control valve, with some success the idle seems to be better at times. Also the transmission shifts early and at times shifts very hard. There are times were the truck runs okay
Don't load up all the time it started when u hit passing gear .
New Gask.,exaust gask,plugs,rotor,wires, cap
All fuses are good. Light never came on until alternator was replaced. The airbag has never deployed.
The electrical lock/unlock functions work fine when I push either the lock or unlock buttons. When I pull on the door handle to open the side door, from inside the van or outside the van, nothing happens, in other words the opening mechanism doesn't move. I suspect a linkage problem from the handle to the bolt/latch I guess, but it looks like special tools are needed to access the guts of the door handle/lock/mechanism assembly. Should I surrender and call or visit a lock specialist or repair shop or is there a simple DIY to get in and fix it? And can you tell me what the usual problems could be? Is it expensive to have fixed?
it will start again after cooling off have changed the fuel pump ignition module distributor and the coil
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