1992 Ford E-150 Questions

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fuses are ok
At first I wasn't getting any heat and then the gauge was all over THE place and now it's wanting to overheat so I play with the heat and defrost while driving to cook it down but it's not loosing water and I don't know if it's the thermostat or gauge or what
Break fluid Reservoir is full, breaks do not work. Front drivers side tire locks up 1St then the other tired lock ip
Supposedly it got wet and damaged the alternator.
Completely died WHILE driving. Will crank but not start. Thougt it was the fuel pump & tried starter fluid but did not work. Read that there could be numerous issues & hopeing u can help me narrow them down. Im a single mom & dont have a lot of $ to just be throwin around. Thank u.
Trying to find our where the location of the motor mounts are on my ford e150 ecnolive van
Is there any diagram for the transmission i know that probably sounds weird but i want to know what it suppose to look like after i take the pan off!!! Any help or advise would be much appreciated!
will the coil work and be running bad at high speeds
I just bought this van and it ran fine for a Very short time. Now it keeps jerking jumping like it is missing spark or wants to stall, but it never stalls Ferels like I am going down a bumpy road in a way. It is very annoying and I am worried it will just get worse. Any easy fixes or is this something major? My engine light pops on and off, but never stays on for more than a minute or so. Also my airbag light flashes on and off. To top it off, the factory installed alarm will go off by itself with no "outside" help.
my van runs great in cool weather but sputters and boggs , runs very slow in hot weather,but when the nite temp cools we can bring it home . can't seem to fix the problem .we have changed the fuel filter and a sensor i'm not sure which one
how can I fix this
my ford van when driving down the road at high way speed,it will jerk in and out like its cutting out,it doesnt do it steady just every few minutes it will act up,then go back to running perfect,and when idling you can feel it kinda cutting out,feels like it quits getting gas for a second,or aint getting enough. fuel pump is working fine you can hear it.when you turn ignition on or if you crawl underneath. could it be fuel filter partially plugged,just bought van few days ago,runs and shifts great except for this issue,motor is the 5.8 thanks
after setting over night, or30 minutes
I recently bought a 1992 Ford E-150 Conversion van. I replaced the serpentine belt and the air pump and gave it a tune-up. The van was overheating so I also replaced the thermostat, hoses, and radiator. Right after replacing the radiator, the temperature gauge on the instrument panel stopped working. I can't tell if the van is running hot and I am not sure why it stopped working? Can anyone help with my next move?
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