1991 Ford E-150 Questions

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There's a rear bed in van and I can't open it .
have a 1991 ford e 150 econoline have duel thank the gas is sic-fume gsa from one thank to the other backward and forward how to fix this problem
The air will blow out on the windshield for the defroster. Are there vacuum lines which control this?
Replaced the fuel pump in the front tank. replaced the ECM computer. Pulled the code 542 and the tank switch is reading fine. Truck still isn't getting fuel
Replaced the ignition coil and still same no spark.ado you think the ignition module need to be replace.By the way does the ignition module supply the ignition coil with the power?
I replaced the key cylinder on the column because it was broken. Now the starter doesn't work. There is no pressure or spring back when turning key to start position. Do I need to replace the ignition switch and or more parts ?
Does this model van have a port for a diagnostic code reader
cruise control not working any ideas or wiring diagrams?
each cylender has a coil I believe it is a bad coil.
I can start my van and when I put it in gear the engine shuts off. It will not start again until an hour or so. help me if you can.
why does my trans.have harsh downshifs from o.d.?
Our van conversion usually shakes or vibrates at speeds over 60. Sometimes it isn't as noticeable but maybe we get used to it. Also there seems to be too much play in the steering wheel when steering left or right. In other words, the wheels do not respond as well as they should when steering the van. This is scary when you're driving in place like Crater Lake or some other skinny mountain road. I'm wondering if the two symptoms are part of the same problem.

The person we bought this from is a mechanic and assured us the van was in good shape. The front tires are a not a wide as the back tires - all tires are "custom" sizes. The tire man said it shouldn't make that much difference but logic tells me that it would. Maybe I'm just hoping it's as simple as wheel size differences.
I need detailed instructions on how to change the water pump in my E150 van... any assistance will be appreciated
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