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car has 98k miles. 2011 police interceptor. service car soon light just came on. checked the gas cap and light remains on.
it doesn't matter what setting the dial is on (def, heat, vent), air only blows out of the vent openings.
if i add a ground wire to the fender head light and marker light work but no high beams
The driver's seat bottom doesn't tilt backward and I cannot adjust the height using the power switch to the left. I drive long hours for my job, which is causing me leg strain. This is forcing me into a very upright position - my legs - for long periods of time.

How can this be fixed?
From cold start RPM goes to 1500 and rises to 2000 RPM. After a minute drops to1100 rpm and stays there. Put in drive drops to normal. When car is warmed up it will start and idle at normal RPM.
Police interceptors usually have dark mode activated, which just prevents the dome ligjt from turning on when the door opens. Theres suppose to be a blue harness that you simply disconnect and then disconnect the battery for 2 minutes but i cannot find that blue harness under the dash.
Assuming fuel pump quit, or problem with coil pack.
]car has 45,000
I installed a camera in a patrol vehicle yesterday. When I was finished and attempted to start the vehicle it would not turn over. So we jumped it and still would not turn over. Finally turned over. Thinking battery was drained let it run for a while. Came back to it this morning attempted to start it and again all lights and indicators come on, but will not turn over. All I hear is a click from the engine compartment. Talked to the officer and he has not had any problems with it before. I used the auxiliary jack for power.
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