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My battery was dead (accidentally left a light on), so I charged it - after this incident my fuel indicator gauge stopped working (indicates almost empty, but tank is full). Can a blown out fuse be the problem?
How long have you had this problem? 2 days - gauge just stopped working
Hello i have a creon vic 2010 that was running good intell recently i accidently sparyed my driver side floor board with a power washer. The air conditioning that once worked 100% now will not turn on at all. I turned the A/C controll nobs but i here just air pressure with a hiss noise. Well i was very hot this summer so i tryed to put a converter box of 400 amps in my car then plugged a 120v indoor home fan in the converter box then plugged my converter box into my lower assesseries port. When i did that and turned the fan on it made my converter box make a loud pitch noise. I checked to see if the car was ok and it wasnt and it was in fact worse now the radio want turn on, my power locks and windows want work,my defroster is out,my power windows and defroster on windows is out, ac and heater want blow out air. Please help i dont know what to do. On my driver side closest to the emergency break pedal therea a grey looking box that has wires plugged in on each side of it. It looks like a wire harness adapter of some sourt. Theres a burn mark on two of the port holes were wires go in. On i can visibily see is pink. Also i did blow a 20 amp fuse but i replaced it and checked all fuses but it did no change to the car.
Its an ex-taxi. I've been driving it for an indie film about 3 weeks now, at night, put about 500 miles on it. Its been running fine, leaks a bit of fluid after being driven, but its water, not oil or gas or whatever. About 2 weeks ago the 'check engine' light came on but there didn't seem to be any change in it so we said screw it and kept driving it, no problems until...Its been sitting for 10 days, maybe 2 weeks. We went to drive it and it won't start, won't kick over, not even w/ jumper cables. nothing.The lights still work, interior and exterior, the meter lights up too, it's never overheated, its never sounded anything but Ford V8 Crown Vic awesome, no deceleration or loss of power, even after the light came on, but now its saying sorry pal, no dice and won't start. We're shooting this thing on GoPros and a Top Ramen budget, the car cost a grand and I really want to avoid putting a bunch of money into it. We have like 2 scenes left to shoot for the love of sweet Christ, TWO! I'm thinking (praying is more like it) that its just the alternator, maybe the starter, since when we turn the key it makes ZERO sound whatsoever; no click, no whir-whir-whir, no nothing.
Thanks and any reasonable and sane input would be greatly appreciated.
Speed odometer, power door locks, rear defroster, and speed odometer instrument panel lights are all not working.
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