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Does it at low speeds. Just pauses right after a quick throttle stomp makes a 1 sec. fluttering air type noise when it takes off. I do have a oil leak onto the manifold in the rear of engine I believe. Only smells when at stop and leaves no drips on driveway. Transmission has a ford inline filter that always has a drip of tr. fluid on it but never on driveway too. Those are the only leaks I know of. What do you think? Runs fine other than that
Just replaced condenser, had it filled. Worked for about two weeks then stopped again.
Rebuilt cost
Just stop while driving and won't start up
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Won't start cut off while driving
How long have you had this problem? N/A
Also there is a clicking sound when the brake is pressed. When I brake and turn on the right turn signal while driving the signal won't flash. The multifunction switch on the steering column stated smoking when I turned the signal on while pressing the brake
The inspector said my power steering fluid is black and needs drained and new fluid put in. How do I drain the old fluid out and put new fluid in
I have been looking to buy a used Crown Vic police interceptor. I have seen some with ridiculously low idle hours for the mileage. If I divide the mileage by the idle hours, I come up with averages of 120-140 mph for every hour it was running. This seems impossible. I see this most often on the 2008's but also on 2011's. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Ok i have a 2008 ford crown victoria, came in with hot air only coming out of a/c vents, found the blend door actuator was bad so I pulled the dash to replace the actuator, now its somewhat cooler but still not cold, so then I thought to check the codes on the eatc, it had codes 24 and 25, which is the blend door actuator, tryed to clear the codes on the eatc but they won't clear keeps setting 24 and 25 freon is full lines are ice cold under the hood please help thanks
Replaced LCM but I still have the same problem
Started the car one day and the airbag light came on and stayed on. Not flashing any codes at all.
Fuel smell is only inside the car when the vent or ac/heater is on and the engine is running. There are no visible fuel leaks in the engine bay or under the car. The smell comes and goes as you are driving.
Car has 107500 miles on it. Bought used last month. Previous owner said it worked intermittently in cooler weather. He had tach installed which replaced oil pressure and alternator gauges. All other gauges work. What is possible problem and where to look.
car will start but not release the shifter lever
Hi Everyone, Does anyone know a fair price for getting a gear shift cable replaced? My gear shift cable is broken, so my car won't shift gears (it is stuck in drive and won't do anything else: not reverse, not park...nothing). It won't even start because it won't shift into park. Can anyone give me a fair price for having this fixed? I have a 2008 Crown Vic (Police Interceptor) with roughly 64,000miles. Thanks in advance for your help.
I have seen it happening on other crown vics in the fleet . It only happens with the left turn signal .
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