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When I got in my car for the second time within 20mins. I smelled a strong odor of gas. The third time that day when I got In my car noticed smell still there and strong.but while driving I noticed my gas hand was going down.when I get to my destination. I popped the trunk nothing. I look under the car . I see all of my gas running out near my oil pan area but leaking from above that was dark so I couldn't see exactly where it was coming from.but I just the area.its a 07 crown Vic intercepted
The car has 118k on it and the trans fluid and filter have been changed several times. The trans also has a slight whine
My engine is not turning over but when I turn the key on and try to turn the engine over I hear a clicking sound coming from the fuse box in the engine compartment. But the past winter I had it running and then I let it sit without starting it and now it won’t do anything all the lights work and everything. Also I had to replace the driver side front fender if that had anything to do to it. Really need help!!
You put key in and it won't turn. Locked up and binded
What is the torque specification for thw three nust mounting the strut to the top of the tower.
buying a 2005 crown Victoria owner aays the rocker arm is needed no idea what that is or should i buy or put the money
Repair shop ran a diagnoatics and found seat belt problem..replaced that but still has the warning signal.
both switches on door stopped working at same time
The blend door is working properly and not broke or stuck .checked all fuses . What else could it be .
I have replaced the heat and air blend door actuator and also the heat and air control head and mi blend door still isn't working could someone please give me some info on this wiring diagrams for tell me what else it could be
Car not idilng after start up but will start everytime. No throttle response when I touch the gas
replacing the brake light switch all it was is a proceedure that's in the drivers manual to reset the interlock shift switch that takes about 3 or 4 minutes if I only took the time to read about the interlock shift system I would have saved about $800.00 from mechanics guessing tearing up my car and ringing up a uncermountable bill for me . I'm out raged to find that a mechanic that work on cars every day for a living would not be ethical enough to know about or to put their hand right on this problem. All of this guessing about this kinda of problem is nuts I used to be more on top of reading the manual first, I guess I'm getting older now and I tend to forget the basics read your manuals first for a particular issue first, now when it comes to these shops and repair pal like shops the one thats right next to the staplesmill road train staion here in Richmond, Va did me a diservice and I wish I could go to his page and write a review on how I was cheated and over charged for a repair some years ago and he was agressive after I called him out on it, some of the automotive shops only standards are to get paid regardless if the are ethical or fare for the work they do, and you all know who you are
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