2004 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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The air doesnt blow at all when I turn on the AC or Heater. Ive checked all my fuses and relays and still have no air blowing. What could cause this? And it was working fone then started to go out intermittently.
when my fuel tanks is at a quarter of a tank it does it or even on full. if I start it up and the let the car run for more than 5 minutes it really starts acting up. when the mechanic read the codes it said change both sensor and I change them and the light still stays on. another mechanic says it might be my fuel pump going bad, I have put all kinds of fuel additives but none of that works.
My Air suspension light keeps coming on my 04 crown Victoria, what is the problem
i replaced the o ring thermostat only because the thermostat was rusted inside now fluids spraying from outside at the bottom of the housing also its gone from a little bit of fluid under the front in the morning to quite a bit under the entire car what can fix this its a police interceptor but w a basic 4.6 engine in it
When i start car the air blow threw vent and go straight to defrost after a few minutes
Car only shift into drive when car is off I changed the brake light switch but still no change so I was told the cruise control switch was bad but my car doesn't have cruise control
Why would it do this?
Will this motor swap work?
I have a roweling sound from the rear end , when I accelerate and when I de accelerate
first time finding fuel mixed with my oil. i do my own work and never have i seen this
Under the dash. Headlights work turn signals no hazard no windows. Won't go from park. No clusterlights no fulepump him. When clusterlights do work it will start for only a couple of minutes then dies
What could be causing to not to change over to air?
o4 cvpi I have no power door locks or power trunk, all fuses good, cig lighter works
I have an 04 police interceptor, went to get it inspected and the states cpu couldn't communicate with my car, all fuses are good, no check engine light and car runs fine
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