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was rarely but, recently had intake manifold, coolant pipe and radiator replaced. Noise occurs more often now. Noise seems to come from the driver's side of the engine, is a deep waaaaaaaa sound. it never made engine light come on.
Need to replace thermostat. What temp should I buy?
Only upon acceleration one side lightly let off the gas it will go away if I push down on the pedal in the hype it's comes back I thought it was the belts replaced it that was not it noticed now it's coming from passenger side valve cover help
Just bought the car don't know specifics
It would cool the whole car.what is the problem
occasionally when I try to pass another car my car just bogs down and won't accelerate. it seams like the transmission doesn't down shift into passing gear.
fuses look good ; including 7cb, & 8; there is no relay
relating to this system; I also checked the door module
Wipers work but get no fluid from reservoir.
cannot find any info on how to remove the reservoir,
location and removal of the washer pump.
My rear window defroster quit working, also the power button for my gas cap, but all other power switches in the door still work.

Also, all gages except the oil pressure and temp gage quit. So now I don't know how fast I'm going or how much gas I have. I took out each fuse, none are blown, I also tested each and all tested good.
My engine stumbles at low cruising speeds between 30-50mph, it feels like a misfire but there are no codes. There is also a stumble at about 30mph under hard acceleration. Spark plugs have been replaced, and all 8 COP's. Also have replaced the TPS, the IAC valve, the DPFE sensor, removed and cleaned the Throttle Body and replaced all the gaskets. Replaced Fuel Filter. Checked all the vacuum connections for dry rot and tightness. Runs better if I disconnect the vacuum to the EGR valve, but will knock on moderate acceleration if disconnected. I have not replaced the EGR Valve (I don't think I can get the exhaust tube loose myself!). I have also heard it could be the Fuel Pressure Regulator, the fuel tank pickup filter, or the fuel pump itself. I haven't gotten to those parts yet. Even with all the replaced items, and yes, a reset of the ECU, the problem remains. I am running out of answers, have been just living with it after all the parts replacements, accepting it as normal for the 'Vic.
still same problem theft light flashing real fast?
Battery goes dead every couple of days. Battery and alternator are fairly new and have been checked. No lights are on, no doors are open. I've been having this problem for over a year now. I have to remove the hotwire from the battery every night. There's a short somewhere. Talked to a couple of mechanics and they said it's really expensive to locate it. Any suggestions on where to start?
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